Half day ancient Carthage tour 40 $ (Professional English tour guide, Lunch, Transportation, Admission Fee)

Tour Description

Lunch.at 12h30 at the Regency Hotel

Departure: July 8th 2019 at 14h00

Departure to ancient Carthage, from Regency Hotel at 14h00

Embark on a guided walking experience of Sidi Bou Said, the amazing city of blue and white, very beautifully preserved! Also visit the historic city of Carthage, the Punic port, amphitheater and cathedral on this half-day tour!

The visit starts at Byrsa Hill with an introduction to the Tunisian history and the story of foundation of Carthage, followed by a visit of Punic Habitations and Carthage National Museum. Continue (5mn drive) for a brief visit of the Punic ports. Continue (5mn drive) for a brief visit of the Anthonine Baths.Continue to the village of Sidi Bou Said, 5 km (10mn drive) from Carthage. Sidi Bou Said is perched high atop of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, this picturesque village is a delightful place for a leisurely stroll through winding cobbled streets. Its trademark white walls, contrasting sky blue doors and ornate window grids make for wonderfully inspiring setting. Wander around the boutiques for souvenirs or relax at a cliff-side Moorish café. .

Full day Tunis Carthage tour 60 $ ( English professional tour guide, Transportation, Admission Fee, Lunch and Coktail)

Tour Description

Departure: July 12th 2019 at 08h30

Visit the ancient city of Carthage, a seaside village, and the Tunis medina on a full-day tour from Tunis that includes lunch. This 8-hours tour takes you to two of Tunisia’s 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in a single day.

Visit the Punic city of Carthage

Explore the city with your guide, taking in ancient landmarks with sweeping views of the surrounding coastline. Carthage was famously destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC, but excavations have revealed five-story homes, sewage systems, and the remains of city walls that once stretched 21 miles (34 km) across Byrsa Hill.

After visiting the UNESCO-listed archeological site, continue to Sidi Bou Said, a blue-and-white, picturesque village that looks over the Mediterranean Sea.

Make a short stop in the Tunis medina, the city’s UNESCO-listed old city. Follow your guide through the narrow streets to the Zitouna Mosque, a traditional cap-makers market, and Tunis colorful perfume market.

Pause for lunch at 13h00 at the restaurant in the Medina of Tunis

Visit the Bardo National Museum, whose exhibits display Roman mosaics, early Islamic ceramics, and rare Phoenician artifacts. This tour concludes with drop-off at your hotel.